Example flask application

This simple flask application redirects the user to steemconnect for the authorization. Once the user authorizes your app, it calls /me endpoint and gives a warm welcome message with the “name” property of the user.

from flask import Flask, request
from steemconnect.client import Client

app = Flask(__name__)

client_id = "your.app"
client_secret = "your_secret"

c = Client(client_id=client_id, client_secret=client_secret)

def index():
    login_url = c.get_login_url(
    return "<a href='%s'>Login with SteemConnect</a>" % login_url

def welcome():
    c.access_token = request.args.get("access_token")
    return "Welcome <strong>%s</strong>!" % c.me()["name"]